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The Staten Island School of ROCK. Lessons taught in Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Not Just a Lesson...an Experience.

about us

At the Staten Island School of Rock we believe in creating leaders. Giving children the tools they can use to build confidence is our goal. The way we do this is by teaching your child how playing an instrument takes time, practice and commitment; the very building blocks of a leader. And we happen to have incredible teachers here to do just that.

In 2004 I started the Staten Island School of Rock out of necessity. As a guitar teacher in Brooklyn I created my own way of teaching music. Before computers were available for recording, I would create studio backing tracks to accompany my lessons. This would help me teach my students how to play with other musicians.By creating these backing tracks for them, my students would incorporate what they learned to actual music. Call it Karaoke for your guitar if you will. Musicians came to me from other music schools and other music teachers with the desire to learn how to play with other people; to learn how to write songs and join a band. What better way to do this then to setup a band for them. This recorded backup band would teach my students how to play with a drummer, how to play with a bass player, a keyboard player and rhythm guitar player.

Well this idea worked. Within weeks of picking up an instrument, my students were starting bands! It worked so well that I soon had no more availability to take on new students. At that point I began teaching my students how to teach…the same way they learned how to play. This technique took off. In 2004 I opened the Staten Island School of Rock on Amboy Road in Tottenville. Eight months later we outgrew our music school and moved to Ellis Street to a bigger facility. Two years later we moved to an even bigger space in Great Kills. And now we added the Stage Left Musical Performing Arts Center. Stage Left Music was built solely to expose our students to a real Rock n Roll experience. Anyone enrolled at the Staten Island School of Rock has full access to Stage Left. What better way to get ready for that big show but to practice on a full stage with lights and a full PA system?

So what are you waiting for? Call now (718) 984 6988 and give yourself the gift of music. We look forward to meeting you! And hey…Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!

At the Staten Island School of Rock we host Rock Shows every other month. Our teachers coordinate songs with other musicians taking lessons at the Staten Island School of Rock. Bands are formed and our students get to perform in front of an audience. Some musicians experience this for the first time. We found that these performances build confidence in our students. Many times, after these performances take place Rock Bands are formed. Our Rock Band program exists today simply because our students absolutely love performing live. Each rock band is supervised by one of our teachers. Songs are written and students get to host their very own Rock n Roll shows. In fact, the band Giffords Lane was formed with four students who met at the Staten Island School of Rock. They met when they were 9 and 10 years old. Four and a half years later they are still playing. If you’d like to learn more about the members of Giffords Lane, visit their website.

Meet Our Teachers

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Scott Siller Senior Music Coach

Scott is one of our senior music instructors and actively manages the Staten Island School of Rock. Scott has been playing music for over 30 years and specializes in acoustic and electric guitar. Scott also provides beginner piano and drums as needed. His friendly methodical approach to teaching helps new/young students feel comfortable getting started and helps them realize their musical abilities with lots of positive reinforcement.

Dani Bauso Vocal and Piano Coach

Vocal teacher. Dani started singing at five years old. She has trained with professional vocal coach Phil Triolo for six years. Interests include different styles of rock as well as musical theater. Currently singing in a rock band, influences include Alanis Morisette, Melissa Ethridge and Gwen Stefani.

Louis Adipietro Guitar/Bass Coach

Louis Adipietro is our resident electric and acoustic guitar instructor. Like many of his students, Louis starting playing guitar at age 10. Louis’s musical education dates back to Wagner High School where he played in the guitar ensemble program. Louis brings with him many years of live playing experience. These experiences are passed on to his students who perform live four times a year during at the Staten Island School of Rock Concerts!

Danny Bradley Drum Coach

Danny has been a drum coach at the Staten Island School of Rock for over five years. Danny brings years of teaching, performing and recording experience to his students at the Staten Island School of Rock. Danny studied drums at Berklee College of Music as well as The Drummers Collective in NYC. Danny continues to tour with his band PushMethod and can be seen playing shows throughout the New York City area.

Niki Mizrahi Vocal and Piano Coach

Niki Mizrahi recently graduated from Wagner College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. She attended LaGuardia High School as a vocal major where she studied opera, musical theater, pop, rock, and jazz and was also a member of their prestigious Senior Chorus. Niki has performed in Carnegie Hall with the Wagner College Choir, and has toured with them throughout the country and abroad. In the spring of 2016 she traveled to Milan where she studied voice and had the privilege to perform in cathedrals and concert halls throughout Italy.

Nicky ‘Stixx’ Taormina Drum Coach

Nicky started taking drum lessons in 2004 at the Staten Island School of Rock. Nicky is truly a home grown teacher who has learned from the Staten Island School of Rock Alumni. Nicky was taught by Dima for years and is now giving all of that knowledge back to his students. Nicky brings with him a tremendous amount of experience. Nicky has extensive experience recording and touring. Nicky is the drummer for the band Giffords Lane , together over six years and has played over 200 shows!

Shawn Tellekamp Vocal/Piano/Theater Coach

Shawn began singing at five years old. She is currently a student at Wagner College studying Music, Art and Education. Shawn has performed at several locations in New York City; including The Metropolitan Room and The Duplex. Interests include different varieties of music like Jazz, Rock, and Musical Theater. She looks forward to sharing her love of music with the students of School of Rock.

Josh Limage Vocal and Piano Coach

Joshua Limage is a professional vocalist from Staten Island, New York. He has been studying voice and piano since the age of 8. Joshua is a recent graduate of Wagner College, with a degree in Music and a concentration in vocal performance. He has performed with numerous ensembles around the United States and Europe, including local groups such as the P.S.22 chorus, Wagner College choir, Richmond County Orchestra, and the Richmond Choral Society. Joshua is pleased to bring these experiences to the School of Rock!